Vanta mass deployment

I recently encountered a client with the need to deploy the Vanta agent to multiple macOS devices. Surprisingly, there was no officially supported method for this, even after consulting with Vanta support. However, through some reverse engineering, I managed to devise a solution.

Let's begin by outlining the prerequisites for making this script work effectively.

1. A paid Vanta subscription and an admin account.

2. Your VANTA_KEY= from here: Setup Instructions - Vanta 

3. Region of Vanta instance

4. Method to get email of the user you want to assign this agent to (optional)

Ok now that we have this info we can edit my script.

These are the values we need to update:








Here is the full script you can edit.

Then just take this script and deploy with your MDM.

I needed to deploy this for Intune so I added this script to run to get the user's email.

Here is the script to get the user email from a Intune enrolled device


  1. Is there a way to do this for Windows devices?


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