Set Account Pictures via Jamf Connect

 This guide will walk you through setting the local macOS account pictures for endusers via Jamf Connect


Jamf Pro

Jamf Connect

Formatted ID Token Path setup in Jamf Connect Login Config (/private/tmp/token)

Azure Storage Blob

Email addresses of users follow a pattern for all users (,, etc..)

Tested with:

Azure AD and Jamf Connect

Test User:


1. First step is to get all of your user images. To make this easy on yourself name them the same as the user's email address. So for John Smith his email is I would name his image as and upload that image and all other user's images to an Azure Storage blob.


2. Setup this script to run via Jamf Pro. I have mine setup to run via Jamf Connect Notify


You will need to update this with your Azure Storage Blob url 

curl -L "$EMAIL.png" -o /tmp/$EMAIL.png

Also in the $USR update with your local itadmin account username if you have one.                      (example: ericsontechadmin)

The $USR is important as this is how we get the current user.

The $EMAIL may need to be updated here print a[i]}' | grep upn | cut -d ":" -f2) with a different value in your token for the user's email. In my it's UPN.

Link to script on Github:

3. The script will read the token that gets created when the user logs into Jamf Connect and use it to download the user's picture from Azure and set it to their account picture.

4. Example token file:

5. Final Result:


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