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Helpful Tools

 Here are some links to some tools I have made to help with Mac/Jamf Management I manage a lot of diffirent Jamf enviroments and need make a enrollment url for automation or for endusers to enroll their devices. I use the Enrollment Invitations in Jamf Pro. This is a simple tool to create a P12 file for Google LDAP and Google with Jamf Connect based on this info here:

Set Account Pictures via Jamf Connect

 This guide will walk you through setting the local macOS account pictures for endusers via Jamf Connect Requirements: Jamf Pro Jamf Connect Formatted ID Token Path setup in Jamf Connect Login Config ( /private/tmp/token) Azure Storage Blob Email addresses of users follow a pattern for all users (,, etc..) Tested with: Azure AD and Jamf Connect Test User: Steps: 1. First step is to get all of your user images. To make this easy on yourself name them the same as the user's email address. So for John Smith his email is I would name his image as and upload that image and all other user's images to an Azure Storage blob. Example: 2. Setup this script to run via Jamf Pro. I have mine setup to run via Jamf Connect Notify Note:  You will need to update this with your Azure Storage Blob url  curl -L "$EMAIL.png&


Hello my name is Kyle Ericson and I'm an Independent IT Contractor. I have created this site to share documentation with our IT admins.  If you would like to contact me click contact me from the left hand side panel.